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New York & Nebraska

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Denise of SmartlySorted did a brilliant job organizing and packing my entire universe of personal possessions and paperwork ahead of my trip abroad. Rather than a simple packing job, I was delighted at how thoughtful and attentively everything was organized into boxes for easy access during changing seasons or circumstance. Rather than dig through a storage closet, I’ve been left with a perfectly arranged suite of options—arrangements to be pulled when the season changes, or a box smartly arranged for when financial planning arises. SmartlySorted was professional, fast, and anticipated what I needed without me even having to ask. Thank you for the ease by which you got all my odds and ends “smartly sorted”!  – AD, New York, NY


Denise … changed the structure of the organization, creating efficiencies in billing, scheduling, and quality control; ultimately her efforts improved patient care tremendously… she is innovative and organized and able to help clients create manageable, sustainable systems of organization which assists in all facets of their lives. – KC, New Brunswick, NJ

We arrived at New York last night and I just want to say thank you, we are very impressed by the work! I like it very much how you moved the furniture and saved the space. Everything looks great! - AJ, Brooklyn, NY