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Lasso Your Lids, People!!

I hate lids...  You hate lids... Be honest - EVERYONE hates lids. 


So, to save some time and sanity here are 2 SUPER-QUICK tips:



This one is really simple-

     plasticware lids? - put them together

     beverage lids? - put them together

     pot lids? - put them together

(As you can see, we have a theme here)



Take your groups from step 1, and box them in.  

If you have all the money in the world to spend - then get yourself a fancy built-in, pull out subdivided rack with rollers that slides like butter on hot toast.  (Mmmm.)


If you're like me and need to be a bit more thrifty... take it down a notch or five.  :) 

Try using a dish drying rack

Get a plastic container

Re-purpose an empty shoe box or delivery box.


ANYTHING is better than nothing!  Start simple today, and upgrade as you go!  Start with a shoebox and plan your fancy custom cabinet for next year.

Look familiar??

Look familiar??

Owning It.

If we have a natural disaster tomorrow, (flood, earthquake, volcano, tornado - shark-nado!) that levels your home and forces you and your family to live out of a FEMA trailer, or a shipping container, … or, lets be generous, in a motel for an extended period of time.  Would you/Could you find Home?

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Just 10-Seconds

Here's a new challenge for you.  "If it takes less than 10 seconds to do, do it NOW."  Count with me...(one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four...)

"If it takes less than 10 seconds to do, do it NOW."  Remember the junk mail, the receipts, the meaningless bits of paper stealing away space in your home?  I can pretty much guarantee you that throwing them out takes less than 10 seconds...if

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The Little Things

"It's the little things that count."  Oh, the wise words of grandmothers past. We can apply this sage wisdom to so many facets of our lives. Because, in life, there are huge, daunting, and exhausting obstacles that we face day in and day out.  Hurdles that can only be conquered when that first step is taken.

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WEEK 3: Kitchen Karma

Step 3 / Week 3: Store Smart!
A huge part of having an organized kitchen is (you guessed it)  smart storage. After you have removed the excess (week 1) and grouped like items (week 2), you will need to find a sensible (and logical) home for each group...

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Paring Your Pairs

There are certain things in a home which require multiple parts to function effectively.  However, time passes, life happens, and the bits and pieces become lost: the dog chews up a puzzle piece, a sock left behind on a hotel floor, a shoe accidentally abandoned in a gym locker on the last day of school, a plastic lid warped by the dishwasher.   ...

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The Power of 'Should'

 This week I was working with a friend, helping to sort through the piles of paper in an attempt to locate the desktop.   For a Professional Organizer this is pretty standard stuff.  As we progressed through the stacks, I noticed a reoccurring theme ...

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