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Lasso Your Lids, People!!

I hate lids...  You hate lids... Be honest - EVERYONE hates lids. 


So, to save some time and sanity here are 2 SUPER-QUICK tips:



This one is really simple-

     plasticware lids? - put them together

     beverage lids? - put them together

     pot lids? - put them together

(As you can see, we have a theme here)



Take your groups from step 1, and box them in.  

If you have all the money in the world to spend - then get yourself a fancy built-in, pull out subdivided rack with rollers that slides like butter on hot toast.  (Mmmm.)


If you're like me and need to be a bit more thrifty... take it down a notch or five.  :) 

Try using a dish drying rack

Get a plastic container

Re-purpose an empty shoe box or delivery box.


ANYTHING is better than nothing!  Start simple today, and upgrade as you go!  Start with a shoebox and plan your fancy custom cabinet for next year.

Look familiar??

Look familiar??