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Owning It.

I don’t think of myself as old - at all - but, I have moved A LOT.  I have bounced from coast-to heartland-to coast over the last 15 years.  Every move is hard, and every time I find myself asking… how did I get so much stuff?   And then, like the college kid who drank too much - swearing I’ll never do this again.  :)   

To help me in me quest to live “light” I try to focus on a couple points to help me make wise decisions for my purchases, and my life.


The whole world is waiting for me tomorrow… opportunity, promise, possibility… if I can be flexible, movable, pliable enough to adapt and not break.  If the “stuff” in my house (the big desk, the fancy speakers, the custom shoe closet) would cause me to decline an opportunity (study in Paris for a year? move TOMORROW for that job in San Francisco, find peace in silence with monks in Nepal… ) - I have burdened myself with worry over things, and squandering the opportunityto really LIVE.


If we have a natural disaster tomorrow, (flood, earthquake, volcano, tornado - shark-nado!) that levels your home and forces you and your family to live out of a FEMA trailer, or a shipping container, … or, lets be generous, in a motel for an extended period of time.  Would you/Could you find Home?  Where is your home?  Is your home where you hang your heart - or is it where you hang your flat-screen TV?  Have you bound yourself to your stuff and are now missing the chance to LOVE?

If your things keep you from living your dreams and goals; If your stuffis an obstacle to seeing and loving the people around you…   You no longer own your stuff.  Your Stuff Owns You.