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Just 10-Seconds

by Jeri Reneau @ Lincoln, NE

Here's a new challenge for you.  "If it takes less than 10 seconds to do, do it NOW."  Count with one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four...

"If it takes less than 10 seconds to do, do it NOW."  Remember the junk mail, the receipts, the meaningless bits of paper stealing away space in your home?  I can pretty much guarantee you that throwing them out takes less than 10 seconds...if you handle it the moment the paper touches your finger tips and not after a week or month's worth has accumulated. 

Before you leave from the drive through, you're handed a receipt.  Pitch it. Not in your purse.  Not in your wallet.  Not on the dash of your car. In the trash. Half a second.  Boom

You leave the grocery store and the first thing to greet you outside the doors is a trash can.  Boom.  Be gone, receipt. The same goes for probably 90% of receipts thrown your way. You never have to see that thing again. 

You pull the mail from the mailbox.  You know what's important and what's not.  You can spot in an instant if you've got a card from a loved one, your electric bill, car tabs or a monster wad of store ads, the credit card offer you shouldn't take, and the catalog you can browse online.  Before you step in the house you should have the "Keep" in one hand and "Toss" in the other.  And within 10 seconds of turning the knob...(one Mississippi, two Mississippi...three) you've dropped the "Toss" in the trash bin and the "Keep" on the desk.  Ahhhh...satisfaction.  Now, take 2 seconds and pat yourself on the back.  Repeat tomorrow and take over your world - 10 seconds at a time.