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Go Vertical or Go Home

A fact of life in New York City is the eternal tug-of-war for space.  You pay $2000 to rent 350-square feet (aka a Nebraska walk-in closet).  Without a winning lottery ticket to pay for a larger apartment, we all have to make the best of the space we have.  We stack and sort, we shuffle and stash… when we run out of space on the floor, we invent ways to use the walls.

The same inventive thinking can bring sanity to your workspace.  Think of your desk as your NYC apartment: paper piles, sticky notes, pen cups, tape dispensers.  The clutter cramps your thought process and workflow the same way loose shoes, laundry basket, cat tree, and game controller keep ME from getting to the bathroom without personal injury.  (I HATE stubbing my toe!!)  So, what is the solution? Take a page from the NYC Playbook and GO VERTICAL!

Look around your desk – at your walls.  That is valuable real estate, my friends!  Even if you have a teeny budget (or no budget!) you can find ways to clear the “stuff” from your desktop.  Well-placed nails and tacks allow most desktop items to prop or hang on the walls.  Literature organizers can both give your paper piles a home AND help track your workflow.  Take an idea and try it… find your desktop (do you remember what color it is?) grab a cup of coffee and give your brain room to stretch out!