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Going Paperless: Tech Tuesday

It is true that I am a Professional Organizer – and I LOVE helping my clients sort out clutter and chaos.  But, that being said, I struggle frequently with implementing change for myself.  Case in point: my trusty printer.  As I type this, it is sitting at my left elbow, assuring me that if I should ever need a hard-copy-anything, it is here for my support – like a security blanket; a dependable old friend. But, honestly… I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually printed something.  (Hmmm… I wonder if it still works?)  I live in a closet-sized apartment with my husband, a cat, and a dog where space is a CONSTANT struggle, yet I continually wipe the dust of this printer’s shiny black cover and extend its life another week… another month… another year.  *sigh

There are SO MANY reasons to go paperless.  My printer refills are $79 a pop – and all of that plastic and used toner powder is surely contributing to the overall demise of the planet.  I don’t like having to store reams of paper “just in case” I need them someday – it’s annoying.  I could save a tree!  That space on my desktop could become a home for a book that makes me smarter, or a plant that cleans my air and makes me smile – instead of a big plastic box always in need of dusting.

There are SO MANY tools that make it easy to go paperless.  I have almost all my documents on Google Drive or Dropbox.  The newer versions of Adobe let me make notes, sign, save and send documents to people.  All of my pictures are digital and live in the cloud…

That’s it!  I’m doing it!  I’m not going to wait another week. It’s not a trusty old friend, it’s a ball and chain.  It’s not a security blanket, it’s a cement shoe pulling me deeper under the water.  (Okay, I admit – that’s a little dramatic)  But, it is official – the tug-of-war is over, and HA!  I WIN!  Now… how do I get rid of this beast?  Anybody interested in a free printer.  


Look around… where is your printer? When was the last time you used it? Do you want to keep dusting it, or can something more efficient and enriching live in that space? Think about it… (change is good – you can do it).
FYI: How to Get Rid of a Printer