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Decisions, Decisions... : Sorted in 60

Step One in getting (and staying) organized is eliminating excess, but many of us struggle with making the decision around WHAT we can let go.  Delaying that decision allows the excess to linger, the clutter to stack, and the overwhelm to accumulate – but it doesn’t have to!

Pick a pile… maybe it’s clothing in the back of the closet, books on the table, “stuff” in a box under the bed.

For each item in your pile ask yourself the question: Does it make me happy? … Does that shirt make you feel fat?  Does that book make you ashamed that you can’t find  time to read?  Does that trinket remind you of a terrible Christmas 3 years ago?

If it doesn’t make you happy … Let It Go.  Voila – decision made. 

– Denise Boline,