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Building Bookends: Sorted in 60

Bookends are amazing and useful little things – just a bit of well-calculated weight keeps my shelves from dissolving into piles of complete and utter chaos. (Thank you, Physics!).  Your room, desk, counter, or table is just like a shelf and the stuff that gathers there is like books.  Sometimes the easiest way to keep your “shelf” under control is to build a bookend, or some sort of cap to keep things under control.

  1. Identify your “shelf” (Where does your clutter collect? – Mine is the island in the kitchen)
  2. Find a “bookend” (A container with limited storage space – I use a small metal in-basket)
  3. (***Here is the key***)  Use your “bookend”  Toss in your clutter, when your container is full – it’s time to go through it and clean it out!

– Denise Boline